I add garlic to as many recipes as I can… I’m OBSESSED! (Hey, I’m Italian… It runs through my veins. That and olive oil, HAHA).

But, If you’re anything like me, you HATE prepping it. UGH! Nothing is more annoying to me than when a recipe calls for garlic and I have to get out the bulb, peel away all those layers of garlic skin (which always end up getting glued to your knife and your fingers), smashing it, chopping it all up and then having to clean everything so you don’t smell all day.  ALL of that work for what? 4 cloves! No Thank You!

So, I’m here to help ya out. Even if you don’t use garlic all that much I’m sure this tip will still be useful. I’m not here claiming I reinvented the wheel, I’m sure there are many savvy home cooks out there who already do this.

OK, the next time a recipe calls for garlic and you have to prep it… prep the WHOLE BULB. Yes, Chop it ALL! whether you use your knife or a food processor, It doesn’t matter. You still have to peel it and snip the ends. Then place your chopped garlic in an air tight container, add a little olive oil and put it in your fridge. It should last 1-2 weeks. (I usually use mine before then anyway) But now, the next time or two that you need it, it’s all ready for you!



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